“Why is there a fee for CE approvals?”

The MSRT Board of Directors voted to charge a $35.00 processing fee per Request for Approval of Educational Activities. Individual Requests for Advanced Life Support & College Course Approval have a processing fee of $15.00 for members and $30.00 for non-members. Request for Modality Assignment for Education Activities will be processed for a fee of $15 for members and $30 non-members.

To order pre-paid coupons, please download the form from the MSRT website & mail to the office. One coupon should then be submitted with each approval form. If you have purchased pre-paid coupons, you can also submit your approval electronically and note the coupon# you would like to use in the cover email. Please pay by check or money order made payable to the MSRT. Do not send cash.

“When do I need to submit a form for a modality assignment?”

Any time you attend a lecture or seminar that has been approved by an agency other than the MSRT, such as the approved organizations listed here, you should submit a completed Achievements in Continuing Education (ACE) Modality Assignment Form along with your certificate of attendance and lecture description to the MSRT office for a modality assignment. The MSRT Modality assignment will align the other agency’s approval of CE credits with the Radiation Control Program’s (RCP) continuing education (CE) categories.   If the title of the lecture is clear as to which RCP CE category the lecture would meet then a modality assignment by the MSRT is not needed. For example: “Mammography Positioning” would not need to be submitted, but “Clinical Issues” is not definitive enough and would require a modality assignment. Conferences held out of Massachusetts and approved by the ASRT for Category A credit will not have a Massachusetts’ RCP CE categorization and thus a MSRT modality assignment clarifies this CE credit for Massachusetts licensed technologists. Remember, a modality assignment by the MSRT is NOT an approval by the MSRT.

The modality assignment is needed since other organizations, including the ASRT and ARRT, are not aware of the category requirements as set by the Massachusetts’ Radiation Control Program. The RCP has also requested that if you are awarded multiple credits for a one-day seminar that you send the lecture description, if audited, with the certificate of attendance if you have not submitted a modality assignment request to the MSRT for categorization.

I’m still confused as to what I need to meet the Mass State Licensure vs. ARRT requirements.” 

MA CE requirements 2017


The differences are so confusing, why doesn’t the MSRT change the state requirements to be the same as the ARRT?”

The MSRT is not the regulatory agency requiring the specific CE credits. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Radiation Control Program (RCP) passed legislation setting our current state requirements but the RCP does not approve any lectures.

The MSRT is a designated professional body accepted by the RCP to approve lectures for the specific categories. So, it would take the state legislature to make the necessary changes in CE requirements, not the MSRT.

The MSRT is recognized by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to approve category A CE credits for technologists licensed in Massachusetts.